10 Common Mistakes Women Make With Lingerie and How to Avoid Them

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Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re looking at new underwear thinking, “It’s so gorgeous! I will buy it right away!”? If yes, ladies, this article is for you.

Petial.com gathered for you the 10 most common mistakes women make when buying underwear. See if you recognize yourself at least once. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Bra fabric

Don’t wear lacy underwear under tight pants or slim turtlenecks of bright colors. It will create a certain roughness on the fabric, and people might notice what kind of bra you’re wearing. The uneven surface of your clothes might ruin the aesthetics of your overall look. cool stuff, cool stuff

  • Choose smooth seamless bras instead. Another great option is to wear a wire-free seamless contour bra.

2. Shapewear

Some women really want to look like those girls on the covers of magazines. In pursuit of the perfect look, they buy shapewear of a smaller size. Remember, this approach is wrong and really harmful to your body. You can only wear shapewear for less than 6 hours. Otherwise, the blood flow will be disrupted, especially if you’re wearing a wrong size. cool stuff, cool stuff

  • It’s very important to choose smooth shapewear in the correct size.
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