5 Psychological Reasons Explaining Why People Don’t Lose Weight Even With Exercises and Diets

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3. It’s a way to attract love and attention.

Who doesn’t like to whine? There are so many people around us who want to console us, take pity on us, love us, and take care of us, and we feel like the center of the universe. A strict diet and a tough trainer are wonderful reasons for daily whinings. So why lose it?

2. It’s a way to escape unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Have you ever noticed that people under stress eat a lot, even if they are on a diet? It happens because they are incapable of perceiving their true emotions, especially if they have been taught to hide them since childhood — “Don’t cry!/Don’t complain! You are an adult now!” That is why a sense of anxiety is sometimes perceived as another sense: hunger, for instance. As a result, instead of paying a visit to a psychotherapist, who can teach them to cope with their emotions, they pay a visit to a fridge, despite their trainer’s requests.

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