5 Psychological Reasons Explaining Why People Don’t Lose Weight Even With Exercises and Diets

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1. It’s a way not to solve a self-esteem problem.

Inadequate self-esteem is another psychological hindrance to losing weight. If a person sitting in front of a nutritionist likes to repeat such words as “my lovely hips,“ ”big cheeks are my style,“ or “more of me to love,” she unconsciously chooses to stay the way she is.

The same affirmation works with thoughts of heredity. ”My mom was overweight, and so am I.” Well, if you want to continue your family line of obesity, it’s your own choice, and there is no need to torture yourself with exercise and diets. However, scientists claim that genetic obesity is not inevitable. It only provides a predisposition to it.

So try to avoid any negative predispositions in your head. If you want to solve a problem, solve it, and don’t look back.

As you can see, most of our problems are inside our head. Do you agree? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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